Off the Grid Enthusiasts

Like going off grid…and stickers? Us too! Drop us your info, and we'll mail you some stickers, on us. Stick 'em on your gear, board, water bottle, or anywhere you want to show support for the Off the Grid Community.


Outdoor Shops

Want to add a touch of Overwatch x Rescue to your shop? We'd love to send you some Off the Grid stickers to give away to your customers. Contact us directly using the form below, and we’ll set it up!

The Boardroom Snowboard Shop, BC, Canada
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Stickers x Sharing x Raffles

By requesting some free stickers, you're joining our community of passionate ‘Off the Grid’ enthusiasts. Post your sticker online and tag @overwatchxRescue and #OverwatchxRescue and you’ll be entered into future raffles! Gear, satellite devices, apparel, who knows…

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How often do you go ‘Off the Grid’? *

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Share your sticker and gear photos on socials with #overwatchxrescue @overwatchxrescue
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