A Comprehensive Guide for Overwatch x Rescue
Simply activate the emergency SOS button on your connected device.
No. OxR plan benefits must be triggered through a connected device.
Once an SOS is activated, OxR personnel will make every attempt to engage customers over two-way messaging and/or voice.
OxR personnel will attempt to contact the customers emergency contacts listed in their profile before escalating to emergency services based on the proximity of the connected device.
Disappearance of Persons; Natural Disasters; Political Threats; Terrorism; Kidnap for Ransom; Blackmail or Extortion; Wrongful Detention; Hi-Jacking; Repatriation of Mortal Remains; Visit of a Family Member or Friend.
Response to Summer and Winter Sports incidents, to include Hazardous Summer and Winter Sports incidents; Search and Rescue (SAR); Emergency Relocation when SAR is Activated; Medically Necessary Air Medical Transport; Return of Dependent Children; Transport Escort.
Detailed information regarding any and all OxR plan limitations and exclusions can be found in the OxR Plan Terms and Conditions. To view the OxR Plan Terms and Conditions, click here.
No. Overwatch x Rescue is a fully funded, fully indemnified service guarantee, not an insurance product.
No. Simply activate the SOS button on your connected device to access your OxR plan benefits.
No. OxR is not an insurance product. No deductible payment is required to access OxR plan benefits.
No. OxR is not an insurance product. You never have to pay for a rescue up front and then seek reimbursement from OxR. OxR will pay for qualifying and necessary expenses associated with a rescue directly.
OxR personnel will coordinate the safe transport of a customers dependent children to either the medical facility where the OxR customer was transported to or back to the customers primary residence.
Yes. OxR will arrange a transport escort to accompany any dependent children that are transported due to an OxR customers medical evacuation.
No. OxR responds to the threat of bodily harm and bodily injury. There is no need to wait until you've suffered from bodily harm or bodily injury to seek assistance under the OxR plan.
Yes. OxR will provide access to interpreters to ensure customers can effectively communicate in any language.
Yes. Not all rescues are free. OxR reduces and in many cases eliminates the financial exposure associated with a rescue.
Yes. OxR is highly recommended for anyone planning an overseas hiking trip, or any outdoor adventure. Most travel insurance products limit or outright exclude Search and Rescue or medical assistance due to accidents and injuries sustained during outdoor activities.
Yes. OxR can be purchased by anyone that has a compatible connected device.
Subject to change, the following devices are compatible with OxR: All Globalstar SPOT devices (except SPOT Trace), Motorola Defy Satellite Link, Motorola Defy Rugged Smartphone, CAT s75 Rugged Smartphone, ProteGear A*LIVE v2 SmartSafety Tool, Oh-Boy Rescue Watch.
You can always email us at rescue@wwfocus.com. We do our best to answer all inquiries within 2 business days.

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