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Coming Soon: Overwatch x Rescue™ plans will be available for purchase globally to anyone with a satellite-enabled smartphone


Helicopter Rescue San Francisco, CA – February 16, 2024 – FocusPoint International (FocusPoint), the leader in Emergency Response as a Service (ERaaS) and the company behind the most comprehensive rescue plan available in the market, today announced that Overwatch x Rescue plans will soon be available for direct purchase at the Overwatch x Rescue website. The Overwatch x Rescue plan has historically only been available to customers that have a Satellite Emergency Notification Device such as a Globalstar SPOT device or a Motorola Defy Satellite Link that’s integrated with FocusPoint’s PULSE™ exception-based reporting platform for emergency SOS assistance. Thanks (in part) to recent advancements in NTN connectivity with FocusPoint’s strategic partners, Overwatch x Rescue customers will soon be able to access plan benefits by simply engaging the native functions on their satellite-enabled smartphone.

Overwatch x Rescue is an emergency SOS subscription service that reduces, and in many cases, eliminates the financial exposure tied to a rescue. Each plan comes standard with coordinated 24/7 multilingual emergency SOS assistance, the response to hazardous summer and winter sports incidents, unguided exploration, and no cost, point of incident medical and security evacuation services, search and rescue and so much more. Overwatch x Rescue is not insurance. There are no required deductibles, out-of-pocket expenses, claims forms or reimbursement requirements. Overwatch x Rescue is a fully funded, fully indemnified service guarantee that includes hassle-free, on-demand assistance, up to and including evacuations for unforeseen events that trigger the need for emergency assistance.

Hiker on Phone Overwatch x Rescue has sold over 160,000 plans and successfully coordinates more than 10,000 rescues annually, saving customers hundreds of thousands of dollars along the way. Soon, satellite-enabled smartphones that are integrated with partner networks and FocusPoint’s PULSE platform will be able to live, work and play off grid with confidence with an Overwatch x Rescue plan.

“The continued advancements of direct-to-device connectivity allowing customers to toggle between cellular and satellite service is a game changer that enables us to untangle Overwatch x Rescue from traditional satellite SOS communication handsets and unlocks significant growth opportunities for the company”, said Greg Pearson, Founder and CEO of FocusPoint International. “This breakthrough development and direct integration with industry-leading partners not only opens up a much larger market for Overwatch x Rescue, but it also provides current plan subscribers another way to engage us on their satellite-enabled smartphone”, added Pearson.

Overwatch x Rescue plans are on track to be available direct to consumer by the summer of 2024. In the interim, persons interested in exploring off-grid with an increased sense of confidence and the peace of mind knowing that Overwatch x Rescue is just the push of an SOS button away, should consider purchasing a Globalstar SPOT device with an Overwatch x Rescue plan.

Crisis Respose Center About FocusPoint International

FocusPoint International is a leading critical event management company specializing in Emergency Response as a Service (ERaaS). FocusPoint’s commercial products include CAP Tripside Assistance, a travel risk management offering that includes a mobile assistance app and fully funded benefits that respond to medical mishaps and security-related incidents that require immediate assistance, up to and including no cost evacuations; Overwatch x Rescue, an emergency SOS subscription service that reduces, and in many cases eliminates the financial exposure tied to a rescue; and PULSE, the company’s rules-based device monitoring, exception-based reporting and escalation platform that leverages custom APIs to receive and action SMS and sensor data from cellular and satellite-enabled emergency notification devices, personal emergency response systems, mobile personal emergency response systems and IoT devices. Leveraging technology and a global network of resources and expertise, FocusPoint International empowers individuals and organizations to effectively mitigate risk and respond to unforeseen incidents with confidence.
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